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New Sailor Moon Anime Series to Stream Worldwide This Winter


SMThe second 20th Anniversary Event for Sailor Moon was held yesterday, and during the event a big announcement was made…. an approximate release date for the much anticipated new Sailor Moon anime series which was delayed in the past.

Female idol group Momoiro Clover Z took to the stage to confirm that the anime series will begin this coming Winter (or Summer in the Southern Hemisphere) and will be simulcast worldwide so no fan need miss out. The group also confirmed that they will be performing both opening and ending sequences for the series.

Fumio Osano (The Sailor Moon manga editor from Kodansha) was also in attendance at the event and indicated that this series would not simply be a remake of the earlier anime series. The voice cast could also not be confirmed, although given the impending release expect that to change over the coming months.

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  1. Kinda neat, but it’s hard for me personally to get excited about simulcast. I like my anime dubbed, thank you. Not because I hate reading (Insert obligatory, “But really, c’mon – it’s 2013. What am I, 80?”-type snarky comment), but because this is a VISUAL medium. You should be focused on the images, not the bottom 1/10th of the screen and the yellow words that appear there. Not to mention, a simulcast translation is pretty rough.

    Still though, at least it’s getting out around the world though, so neat. Maybe eventually, after being properly localized, this will make it’s way to Toonami. Man, that would be fitting as heck.


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