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Madman Entertainment Proclaim Next Week “Titan Week”, Attack on Titan Episodes a Plenty



Because they announced their acquisition of Attack on Titan later than when it begun airing in Japan, Madman Entertainment’s streams of the show via their Screening Room have been several weeks behind the Japanese broadcast. But behind Australia shall be no longer!

Madman have proclaimed that next week (26th August – 30th August 2013) is Titan Week, where they will be speeding up local screenings of the series with two episodes per day, eventually leading them to catch up to the Japanese schedule and go from ‘official anime stream’ to ‘simulcast’. To fully catch up however, they have also made Friday become ‘Triple Titan Day’, featuring three episodes bringing them to Episode 20.

Following the completion of ‘Titan Week’, the Madman Screening Room schedule for Attack on Titan screenings will move to new episodes each Wednesday in the lead-up to the final episodes of the epic series, and bring Australia’s own official stream within hours of the Japanese broadcast.

Several hundred years ago, humanity was very nearly wiped from the Earth as they were hunted down by giant creatures known as Titans – beasts several stories tall who devour human beings for pleasure. The humans erected giant walls around their cities, which kept them safe until a colossal Titan – larger than any they’ve seen before – appears out of thin air and destroys their defences. When this destruction leads to the death of his mother, Eren Jaeger swears vengeance and an undying vow to hunt down and kill all Titans.

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