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Sentai Filmworks Announce Special A English Voice Cast


North American anime publisher Sentai Filmworks have today released Special A on DVD today with a Hybrid Dub. To mark its release, the company have unveiled just who will be voicing each character in their English dub – filled with regulars and a couple of newer faces.

ADR Director
Scott Gensch

English Vocal Cast

Hikari Hanazono – Monica Rial

Kei Takishima – Blake Shepard

Akira Tohdou – Luci Christian

Tadashi Karino – Andrew Love

Jun Yamamoto – Kirby Brister

Megumi Yamamoto – Brittney Karbowski

Ryu Tsuji – Christopher Patton

Nakamura – David Matranga

Additional Voices
Clint Bickham
Shelley Calene-Black
Kirby Brister
Luci Christian
Shannon Emerick
Scott Gensch
Jason Grundy
Hilary Haag
Brittney Karbowski
David Matranga
Christopher Patton

About the Series

Until she was six, Hikari was always the best at everything she did. Right up until the moment she challenged Kei to a wrestling match and he won. Ever since then, Hikari’s entire life has revolved around beating Kei at something, ANYTHING! Unfortunately, a decade later, he’s still the top student and athlete at their very exclusive high school and she’s still second-best at everything. But what Hikari’s never noticed is that he’s actually in love with her! That’s only the beginning of the ridiculously convoluted web of relationships that ties the elite group of students who go by the name of the Special A together! Get ready for spring flings, split personalities, and social (dys)functions galore as boy meets girl turns into boy beats girl!

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