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Hanabee to Release .hack//G.U Trilogy, Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge, Alien 9 and ef Titles from the 6th Feb



Just a quick reminder to Australian fans of anime that not-so new anime company Hanabee Entertainment are set to release their next set of releases this Wednesday (February 6th, 2013) – and is currently their biggest set of releases with four new titles and a Blu-ray release of another. All of these titles, alongside their box artwork can be viewed below:

hack.hack//G.U. Trilogy
DVD | Japanese Dub | $29.99

In a quest for revenge against Tri-Edge, Haseo has become a killer of Player Killers. Callous and dimissive as a consequence, he has become a shadow of his former self. Atoli wishes to alleviate some of this and makes it her mission to help him but it may be a difficult task when her face reminds him of a fallen friend.

While in no way being a full substitute to the video game trilogy released by CyberConnect2 on the Playstation 2. Unfortunately after the first four games in the .hack series were released, it was decided that the .hack//G.U. trilogy would not be released over here in Australia despite the .hack//Roots prequel series being licensed and published by Madman Entertainment. Many years after the video game releases – Aussies will finally get their first non-import means of appreciating the storyline.

alien9Alien 9
DVD | Hybrid Dub | $29.99

In sixth grade Yuri just wants to end her last year in elementary school on a quiet note…not as a member of the ‘Alien Party’. 

The objective of the ‘Alien Party’ is to capture any rogue aliens that wonder on to the school premises. However to capture these aliens you need the help of one, called a “Borg”. A symbiotic life-form that offers the ability to protect, incapacitate and ultimately capture other aliens in compensation for being able to feed off their wastes by licking their back. 

For Yuri it’s her worst nightmare.

hb0019-arakawa2_3dArakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge (Season 2)
DVD | Japanese Dub | $44.99

The antics for the residents at Arakawa Under the Bridge continue in this hilarious sequel!

Just as Ko is settling on to the banks of Arakawa with his eccentric neighbours, he learns that he has barely scratched the surface! As now not only does he have to deal with his usual assortment of strange friends, but he’s also got an Amazonian woman with her tribe of demonic “female” followers breathing down his neck and a comic nerd who is the self-claimed head of the Earth Defense Force as well.

But that is the very least of Ko’s worries as Nino’s claim to being an alien may not be as absurd as previously thought. Ko is now faced with the very real possibility of either moving across the stars, quite literally, or risk losing her forever. 

New secrets and friends arise as Arakawa Under the Bridge truly becomes a place for the odd and eccentric to gather!

ef_memories_blurayef ~ a tale of memories
Blu-ray | Hybrid Dub | $49.99

On the night of Christmas Eve, Hiro Hirono meets Miyako Miyamura as she chases her purse-snatcher. From there blossoms an unlikely friendship between the two as circumstances bring them closer together. However it gets a little more complex when Hiro’s childhood friend, Kei Shindou, decides to make her feelings known. 

Renji Asou meets Chihiro Shindou at an abandoned train station and learns that her memory is not what it should be. Due to her condition it has made Chihiro’s dream of writing a novel an impossible task. Now, however, Renji is determined to help her fulfill that dream. 

An emotional roller coaster that’ll be sure to tug at your heartstrings, ef ~ a tale of memories is an interesting look on how these individuals navigate the treacherous waters of love in all its forms.

ef ~ a tale of memories was released by the company last month on DVD. A review of this title should be released this week.

efmelodiesdvd ef ~ a tale of melodies
DVD / Blu-ray | Hybrid Dub | $49.99

A continuation on ef ~ a tale of memories.

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