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Hanabee Entertainment to Continue Hakuoki Saga with Hakuoki: Record of the Jade Blood Set for Release in April 2013


HB0033HakuokiS2DVD3dWhile its release may have been implied as Hanabee have already announced their intent to release the first season of Hakuoki in Australia during March 2013, the company have today confirmed that they have acquired the license to the second season of the show (Hakuoki: Record of the Jade Blood) and will be releasing it in April 2013. The series is an action adventure tale set in Kyoto, Japan – and follows the events about the kidnapping of a young woman’s father and is based on the Hakuoki video game series (None of which I believe have ever made it out of Japan)

As with the first season, this will come with both English and Japanese dubs, as well as a small set of extras including clean opening and ending sequences.

War is upon them. 

The Shinsengumi are still feeling the bitter effects of defeat, having been forced to flee to Edo. Broken, bruised and disillusioned, they are all struggling to find the motivation to continue the fight when their own Commander is injured from a gun wound and their own Vice-Commander is struggling to pick up the pieces to keep them fighting together. 

But the Shinsengumi are nothing but loyal to a fault and against all odds they are always prepared to defend their honour and beliefs. But whatever the outcome, this war will ultimately mark the fall of one era and the start of another. The question however remains amongst the Shinsengumi just where do they belong in this new age…or even if they belong at all.

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