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Neurowear Preview Second “Augmented Human Body” Project “Shippo” to Completement Necomimi – A Moving Tail!


So let’s say that you recently purchased a Necomimi device and have over the last few days, weeks or months enjoyed having your emotions displayed via your new cat ears. But let’s be honest…. just having a pair of cat ears does not make the set complete without a number of other accessories – a tail, cat paws etc. While you can pick these up from any cosplay shop or make them yourself… they don’t have the augmented human body experience of the ears.

Neurowear have recently released a concept movie for their next project – “Shippo”, a brain controlled tail that will once again react to your mood, so when you are relaxed it moves slow and softly and while concentrating or excited it may move faster and harder.

The concept trailer also promotes a Neuro tagging map which will allow you to record your mood on a map via a smartphone app.

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