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Right Stuf and PaperPlanet Team up to Offer an Anime-Focused Digital Edition of “Girls of Gaming”


Right Stuf and PaperPlanet have announced a special anime-focused, digital edition of “Girls of Gaming” Volume 8 will be available to fans for just $2.99 per copy (25% off SRP) exclusively via RightStuf.com.

“A sister publication of GameFan magazine, Girls of Gaming’s digital pages are filled with full-color art spreads that feature favorite characters from video games, and this exclusive, expanded edition of Girls of Gaming, Vol. 08 will include 32 all-new pages dedicated to the leading ladies of anime.

Girls of Gaming is the one and only magazine celebrating the best and brightest female characters video games have to offer from sultry sorceresses to cuddly anthromorphs, all discerningly depicted with an emphasis on their respective roles in the games they grace. “

Shawne Kleckner, Right Stuf’s president and CEO had this to say on the announcement:

As a publisher, PaperPlanet has always recognized and celebrated the natural synergy between anime, video games, and the fans who love them. We’re happy to team up with Girls of Gaming to make this special offer, on some amazing art, a reality for the fans.

Dave Halverson, PaperPlanet Publisher had this to say as well:

Right-Stuf’s longstanding service to the anime community and reputation for excellence makes it the perfect venue for our unique anime-based and cross-over publications showcasing the best anime has to offer, 10 years and counting.

Are you interested in this publication? For more information visit RightStuf’s page for the title HERE.

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