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Funimation Entertainment Discontinues a Number of Series…. Sam is Disappointed!


This news missed me until right now, as I believe it was announced yesterday – but it turns out Funimation Entertainment has dropped a number of their older anime releases including series that were part of their Super Amazing Value Edition sets. Personally I actually intended on putting an order of Kodocha Season 2, a series I bought season one for several months ago and found a real hoot to watch and it turned out this release has already sold out on Right Stuf, the company that originally made the announcement. The following series were the ones that have been dropped:

1. Dragon Ball Z Kai Parts 1-4 on DVD and Blu-ray
2. Ghost Train 
3. Kodocha Seasons 1 and 2
4. Nerima Daikon Brothers
5. Robotech Shadow Chronicles on DVD and Blu-ray
6. Synesthesia 

As stocks seem to be really low all over the place, be sure to pick up a copy of these titles while you still can.

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