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Siren Visual – noitaminA Sampler | Madman Entertainment Facebook Events


Siren Visual - noitaminA Sampler | Madman Entertainment Facebook Events 1

I was not planning on actually reviewing this as it was a Facebook Exclusive gift, however I felt this would be a good means of encouraging everyone to join the Facebook pages of both Siren Visual and Madman Entertainment. I have found that both companies seem very generous in giving away prizes for events and the occasional sampler package. This actually arrived on my birthday, but through signing up to the Siren Visual Facebook wall before the end of the month of May, it was possible to request a free noitaminA sampler from them, which features a free episode of each Welcome to Irabu’s Office, The Tatami Galaxy and House of Five Leaves, all of which I have actually reviewed previously. Also included however was a decent sized booklet consisting of a write-up titled “Anime at the Speed of Thought” written by Philip Brophy, Interviews with Irabu’s Office director Kenji Nakamura and Tatami Galaxy director Masaaki Yuasa. Also included was a special 1,000 likes art card, which was limited to only 1,000 copies and features the Siren Visual humanoid mascot. So, for any future events or giveaways from Siren Visual, you should sign up for their Facebook Page at the following link! [Click Here].

Siren Visual - noitaminA Sampler | Madman Entertainment Facebook Events 2

However, there is also reason to sign up to the Madman Facebook wall as well. Whilst I dont recall them having Facebook-exclusive events, it is always a great place to discuss the Madman titles and get up to date information on their latest sales (Such as the $2 – $5 manga sale which ends on the 5th July) and their latest events (Such as the K-ON Cosplay Photo Contest). Whilst Madman releases more then just Anime (So please don’t getĀ agitatedĀ if there is a post on something else other then it), the wall is primarily focused on anime fans, so it is a great place to socialize, alongside their Madboards Forum. To join their Facebook Page, visit this link [HERE] and if you are more interested in a forum environment, visit this link [HERE].

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