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[Siren Visual] Simulcast Announcement + Facebook Drama


[Siren Visual] Simulcast Announcement + Facebook Drama 1Whilst I have not gotten an official press announcement for this yet, this was posted on the Siren Visual wall a mere half-hour or so ago.

Guys we have licensed Tiger & Bunny and C for Control, and simulcasting them both on Anime News Network! Episode One for T&B is online RIGHT NOW! I’m just about to tell everyone at Supanova…you really did hear it here first!!

So yes, they originally hinted that they were looking into simulcasting and VOD series at Brisnova the other week as I assume a means to put us off-guard from expecting this. Their first two series are Tiger & Bunny and C for Control, which are not series I would personally watch since they are a bit out of genre for me…. but I am sure there are a lot of people who would enjoy them. This holds good potential in the future for Australians, where simulcasts done by other US companies had region locks added to them, which was problematic, but now us in Australia can enjoy the latest and greatest anime series straight from Japan. Do not look at the current series, but instead look at the potential!

There is currently no word on if these titles will become DVD released later in the future, althrough I am personally getting my hopes up this is the case, provided that it doesn’t affect english dubbe series from being released by Siren Visual as well.

Now, there has been a lot of…. drama on the Siren Visual facebook wall, which can be found at the following link (http://www.facebook.com/sirenvisual/posts/154019244661926). All I can really say to those that are disappointed that their top secret announcement isnt their favourite anime series (I won’t name names), then please just do not go thinking it is the end of Siren Visual…. seriously, they do not have to service you everytime you want them to do something. They are something which is called… A BUSINESS, they analyse the current market and then determine what products and services they should offer so they do not do anything like this lightly. Believe it or not, Siren Visual has been around for a number of years, so I think their business sense in this market is a lot better than yours.

Anyway, my review of Ar Tonelico III will be up tonight, sadly I slept in and now have to finish off a powerpoint presentation.

Check out the simulcast on AnimeNewsNetwork Australia if you get the chance!

Edit: Whilst the press release hasn’t hit my mailbox yet, ANN Australia has it posted up on their website. You can see it here after the jump!

Melbourne, April 9, 2011 – Siren Visual today announces its partnership with Anime News Network to provide content for online video streaming in Australia and New Zealand. Launching today with the premiere of TIGER & BUNNY, a reality TV action spoof produced by Sunrise, the production company behind AAA titles including Mobile Suit Gundam and Cowboy Bebop. The service simulcasts the very latest anime titles to coincide with their broadcast dates in Japan, along with catalogue titles across a wide range of genres.

The arrangement offers consumers two subscription models in which to view their favourite anime. The Standard model will offer free viewing with advertising support in standard definition for simulcast titles, plus two free episodes for any catalogue title, with access to the remaining episodes at $.99. The Premium Subscription at $3.99 per month includes high definition quality ad free streaming, one full catalogue series of the consumer’s choice and additional titles at $.99 per 13 episodes. It will also incorporate exclusive deals on DVD and merchandise products.

Siren will subsidize the subscription costs for the first season to the early adopters identified through Siren’s database, in an effort to explore beta testing and receive feedback. Siren CEO Eric Cherry says the establishment of an online distribution service in Australia counters the risk of missing the opportunity to legitimise consumer demand. “Anime has been heading in an online direction for some time now. Siren addressed this trend initially by creating DVDs that are of the highest quality available, while releasing them into our market as efficiently as possible,” Cherry says. “This initiative with Anime News Network is an extension of the same principals. ANN has an industry reputation of providing an excellent streaming service and through simulcasting Australian anime fans have a legitimate means to find more of what they want.”

Anime News Network attracts an audience of over 100,000 monthly visitors in Australia alone, making it the natural host for providing anime content to Australian consumers. “Working with Siren Visual to realise this project is a landmark event for both Anime News Network, and Australian anime fans as well,” says ANN CEO Christopher Macdonald. “We have long known that Australian anime fans are among the most passionate in the world but circumstances have led them to being excluded from the boom in streaming video until recently. With Siren Visual, we hope to change that and give fans the equal treatment they’ve been wanting for so long.”

Source: Anime News Network

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