Southern California Ice Creamery Tsun Scoops does NEKOPARA Collaboration Event

Until close of business 3 April 2022, ice cream enthusiasts and visual novel lovers in South California should consider heading down to the anime-inspired creamery Tsun Scoops. Kicking off April with an announcement that wouldn’t be out of place as an April Fools Day prank, Sekai Project, NEKOWORKs and Tsun Scoops have confirmed a collaboration event with the NEKOPARA franchise.

So what does this entail? Announced as part of a broader April Fools Day prank about the visual novel localiser/publisher entering into the Cafe Business, fans can look forward to a range of photo opportunities, collaborative giveaways and limited time flavours (named after NEKOPARA’s main characters Chocola and Vanilla respectively). The new flavours available at Tsun Scoops include:

Paraspberry Chocola
A delectable blend of chocolate ice cream, with real raspberries, entwined in a raspberry syrup for the discerning feline.”

Blueberry Neko Cake
“A wonderous cake-batter flavor based ice cream, with strong vanilla tones, blueberries, and cake bites for a cat that likes to party.”

In addition to the ice-creams, attendees can look forward to themed cosplay staff, cafe imagery and approved official media to enjoy alongside their purchase. An endorsed fan-made sticker will also be made available with each purchase.

This collaboration was born from the passion of all the fans we see of NEKOPARA in the United States and NEKO WORKs’ appreciation for them. It’s our first step in trying a different kind of fan experience—we hope that those that are able to make it to the shop tell us what they think! Sekai Project would also like to thank the staff at Tsun Scoops for taking the time to develop these one-off, customized flavors for all fans to enjoy.

Tsun Scoops is located at 13137 Brookhurst Street in Garden Grove, CA.


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