Otokonoko Visual Novel Tomgirls of the Mountains: Josou Sanmyaku To Launch Next Week

In a rather sudden confirmation from international visual novel publisher Jast USA, it has been confirmed that the 2011 otokonoko visual novel Tomgirls of the Mountains: Josou Sanmyaku (Also known by its Japanese title 女装山脈) will be available via their online store starting 9 April 2021. Developed by Nounai Kanojyo, this is the first VN released in a partnership between the two companies – unlocking access to potentially a library of more than a dozen visual novels in the future.

Until launch, Jast USA will be offering a 15% pre-order discount via their online store. Given the content of the title, it does not appear that a non-18+ eroge version will be available via Steam. Exclusively via J-List, they will also be offering a Limited Edition physical release which will be released later in the year, featuring a small assortment of goodies including 3x Character Journals, 3x Character Stickers and special packaging.

Want to know more about Tomgirls of the Mountains: Josou Sanmyaku? Keep scrolling down for a storyline synopsis and preview screenshots.

The Story of Tomgirls of the Mountains: Josou Sanmyaku

Following a string of heartbreaks, Ikuto Watarai decides to go into the mountains to clear his head and dump women for good. He laments his previous experiences until a massive storm forces him to take cover in a cave. With nowhere else to go, he explores deeper into the unknown and gets hopelessly lost. The world goes dark and he accepts his fate…

But instead of waking up in the afterlife, he finds himself in a small, aging village that the world has all but forgotten. Looking around, he see that his saviors are three girls? And they are calling him their destined “messenger” who is to revitalize their home by giving birth to a new generation?! Now that Ikuto’s has arrived, he can’t leave until he completes his duty!

There’s just one catch – these girls have a secret under their skirts…

Preview Screenshots

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