Star Citizen Alpha 3.18.1 Launched, Free Fly Period Underway

Following the release of Star Citizen Alpha 3.18.1 which introduced performance and stability improvements over the base update a couple of months back, Cloud Imperium Games has determined now to be a good time to undertake another Free Fly event. From now until 20 April 2023 at 20:00 UTC, anyone interested in the game can now register, download the client, and explore the ‘verse in its current state in five different ships.

Aside from the limits imposed by only having access to five of the games multitude of ships, there is little in the way of limitations during this free fly event. From new areas to under-the-hood improvements to career paths, you can try your hand at one or all areas of gameplay currently implemented in Star Citizen.

The five ships on offer to all during this free fly event include:

Consolidated Outland Mustang Alpha: The Mustang Alpha is a versatile starter ship in Star Citizen, designed for both exploration and light combat, offering new players an affordable entry point into the game’s universe.

Consolidated Outland Nomad: The Nomad is a uniquely designed, medium-sized cargo ship featuring a durable frame, advanced maneuverability, and an external cargo bay for efficient hauling and light industrial work.

MISC Razor: The MISC Razor is a sleek, high-speed racing ship boasting an advanced aerodynamic design and cutting-edge technology, making it a top choice for pilots seeking speed and agility.

Origin Jumpworks 100i: The Origin 100i is a luxury starter ship with a focus on exploration, featuring elegant design, fuel-efficient engines, and advanced technology to provide a comfortable and sophisticated travel experience.

Consolidated Outland: Hoverquad – The Hoverquad is a compact, agile hoverbike designed for personal transportation, reconnaissance, and quick traversal of difficult terrain, combining the functionality of a ground vehicle with the freedom of flight.

To register for the free fly event, click HERE.

In development by Cloud Imperium Games and their studios across North America and Europe, Star Citizen is being helmed by Wing Commander (1990s) creator Chris Roberts. The game has currently been in a long-term alpha phase with no confirmed release date. Despite this, the studio has raised more than half a billion USD through on-going crowdfunding. Please keep in mind should you decide to purchase towards Star Citizen, that this is an incomplete project and that you are pledging towards an extended crowdfunding campaign with no 100% guarantee of a finished product.

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