More Powerwash Simulator Adventures Await in the Coming Months

Square Enix Collective and developer FuturLab has announced their impending plans for their simulation game Powerwash Simulator, including a planned physical release and a free expansion updates.

The physical release of Powerwash Simulator is planned to be available for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. A physical Nintendo Switch release will also be made available, albeit without a gamecard and instead including a Nintendo eShop download code. The physical edition is pitched as being perfect for collectors, console players, or as a unique gift to providing some cathartic mindlessness that can be found through power washing without having to physically do it oneself. The physical editions will arrive on store shelves starting 13 June 2023.

More Powerwash Simulator Adventures Await in the Coming Months 1

The Muckingham Files expansion update introduces a range of new locations to wash starting 18 April 2023, and is the first in a series of updates being made available to players over the coming months. This update introduces new locales such as a Solar Water Plant and a massive Satellite Dish in the Mauka Aitu Desert, challenging players to clean these advanced technological structures. Additionally, players will return to Muckingham’s recreation ground to power wash a dirty food truck, transforming it into the park’s dazzling centerpiece. The update also adds new stories to the pre-existing bonus jobs, enriching the lore of the Muckingham universe, should you decide to revisit and replay the locations.

Powerwash Simulator sets out to offer players a unique and relaxing experience by allowing them to build their own power washing business, focusing on the soothing sounds of high-pressure water and the satisfaction of cleaning dirt and grime.


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