Mugen Souls Headed to Nintendo Switch in 2023, Uncensored from Original Japanese Release

Following their collaboration with Idea Factory to deliver uncensored versions of Moero Crystal and Seven Pirates, Eastasiasoft Limited has confirmed they will be bringing the PlayStation 3 RPG Mugen Souls to the Nintendo Switch in 2023. While the original releases were censored to an extent by original publisher Nippon Ichi Software America, Eastasiasoft has committed to keep “all content faithful to the Japanese original”.

Outside of reducing the amount of censorship in the game, mostly revolving around the game’s hot springs scenes, the game will be comparable to previous releases – including all prior extra content and full English language support for both text and audio.

Mugen Souls will be released digitally via the Nintendo eShop. Furthermore, physical releases will be available via Play-asia in Limited Edition and Standard Edition format from $59.99 USD and $39.99 USD respectively. Contents of the 3,000 copy Limited Edition will include the game manual, soundtrack CD, art book, sticker set, and a numbered certificate – all in a collector’s box.

About Mugen Souls

Join Chou-Chou on her mission to conquer the universe and its seven worlds! In this anime-style JRPG, you’ll take command of trusty companion Altis, loyal peon Ryuto and more, as Chou-Chou turns the heroes and demon lords of each world into her personal servants and thus frees the universe of conflict under her ultimate control. But will it all go as planned?

Mugen Souls features turn-based combat on a free-roaming battle map, party and skill customization, expansive worlds to explore, and plenty of that “moe” aesthetic fans adore! Destroy crystals on the battlefield to activate Hyper Mode, execute combos and use Moe Kill techniques to enslave enemies, transforming them into items by exploiting their weaknesses. Create a unique cast of minions by customizing body parts, facial expressions, job classes, and more! This updated version of Mugen Souls includes all prior extras while faithfully adapting the content of the Japanese original, making it the definitive way to experience this cult classic JRPG!

Promoted Features:

Explore seven vibrant worlds and conquer the universe!
Fight monsters on free-roaming battle maps and make them your servants.
Execute spectacular combos with your allies!
Create unique characters by customizing body parts, faces and job classes.
Enjoy “moe” aesthetics and over-the-top anime style!

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