Tower of Fantasy’s New Time Limited Summon – Ruby – Is The Most Adorable Yet

The Simulacra of Tower of Fantasy #4

With the added time requirement to create a fully-fledged character for a 3D gacha game, from designing the character model to ensuring they are (hopefully) well balanced, it is no surprise that development studios will want to ensure that their communities spend their gacha pulls (and in turn, money) on the chance of regularly attaining their next favourite character. For the recently released 3D adventure-exploration game Tower of Fantasy by Hotta Studio and Level Infinite, many of their time limited characters to date have been on the sexy side of the scale. With the launch of Version 2.0 a few days ago, we got access to a new time limited character much further on the cuteness side of the scale – Ruby.

As you progress through Tower of Fantasy, you will unlock the game’s premium currency, which can be spent on one of a few different gacha systems, with hopes of unlocking a 4-star, or specifically, 5-star Simulacrum + weapon combo. While you can play the entire game as your protagonist, able to wield any weapon of your choosing, through obtaining the simulacrum associated with each weapon, you can take on their form w/ individual outfits, hairstyles and on-field voice-acting. If you are pulling based on Simulacra looks rather than the recommended weapons, having been someone surprisingly lucky with my pulls despite not investing more than a tenner or two into Tower of Fantasy, I would like to share a look at a few of the 5-star characters I have unlocked.

For the second time, I have managed to beat the 50:50 guaranteed SSR pull and acquired Ruby, so that we may bask in her adorableness together. But while her bunny-like traits may make her appear a bit fragile, Ruby has received relatively high scores on community tier lists, with her signature weapon and assistant (Spark) dishing out high amounts of ranged DPS, making her very versatile in both DPS output and finding the hidden flame-element locked goodies hidden in the world.

Tower of Fantasy's New Time Limited Summon - Ruby - Is The Most Adorable Yet 1

I wanna help Lin more, so let’s deal with those guys!

An introverted and naive girl that doesn’t know much about the world. She’s a little shy and becomes scared when there are strangers. She’s always called “the kid with Madam Lin”, so she feels like she needs to work harder and become more independent so as to not give Lin any trouble and repay her generosity.

Voiced by Lizzie Freeman, Ruby features in the story of Tower of Fantasy’s current update.

Tower of Fantasy is now available on the PC, Android and iOS platforms. More information on how to download the game can be found HERE. As indicated above, the game itself is free to play and requires no purchase, however makes its money through a gacha-style ‘Special Orders’ system. While the game isn’t too bad with providing you free currency to pull N-SSR tier simulacra/weapons, the pull rates for SSR is very low at first, so keep that in mind before picking up the game to play.

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