Adorable Fat Cat Hoodie, Deride Emote Added to Final Fantasy XIV Online Store

Two new optional in-game items have been added to the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store to purchase, for those looking to spend some money to look adorable through new glamour options, or deride their PvP opponents through a new emote.

For $22.00 USD or local equivalent, you will be able to acquire the Fat Cat Attire set for a single character, which includes Hood, Loungewear, Halfslops, Shorts and Slippers. Fully dyable unlike a surprising number of other cash shop glamours, this is another option for those who like giving their characters kitty ears (like myself) or just want to go into battle looking perhaps a bit too comfortable for combat.

No one understands comfort quite like the satisfied feline, but with this five-piece set of fat cat attire, you too can appreciate the luxury enjoyed by giant fuzzy kitty cats. The designers of this adorable and dyeable outfit have spared no detail in its creation, adding pawprints to the slippers, a tail to the loungewear, and ears to the hood. What more could you desire? Customize your look with two styles of pants and socks, and start lounging like only a fat cat can!

Alternatively for $7.00 USD or local equivalent, you will be able to pick up a copy of Ballroom Etiquette – Derisive Displays, which when used on your character, will give you access to the Deride Emote.

Sometimes, leaving with your dignity intact isn’t nearly as satisfying as pulling a face that will entertain your friends and alienate your enemies. Always have the last word with this delightful jeer!

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