Bethesda ANZ, MenuLog and ShareTea Australia Collaborate on ‘Teas of Tamriel’ Bubble Tea Collection

If MenuLog haven’t already had their company slogan etched into your skull by their latest advertising campaign featuring Katy Perry, perhaps some Bubble Tea will be the one to do it for you. Bethesda ANZ together with the food delivery platform MenuLog and bubble tea brewers Sharetea have announced this rather unique collaboration which is running through until 29 August 2022.

During this period, The Elder Scrolls Online: Teas of Tamriel will be available to bubble tea enthusiasts and gamers across Australia. The Tamriel inspired menu will be available exclusively through Menulog for delivery or pick up from over 50 Sharetea Australia stores in the ACT, New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. A total of five flavours are available to sample, each seeking to feature “flourishes from the different cultures and iconic locations that make up The Elder Scrolls Online’s continent of Tamriel”, including:

Cold Khajiit Plum Root Tea: Taro milk tea & red beans  

Tigra Lava with Midnight Pearls: brown sugar syrup, tapioca pearls, ice, milk & assam black tea 

Assam Mountain Flower Tea with Bursting Passion: Peach Assam black tea & passionfruit popping pearls  

Forbidden Garden Tea with Snow Pearls: Honeydew milk tea & yoghurt popping pearls  

Three Bro’s Mead: Assam black milk tea with white pearls, pudding & herbal jelly 

A look at each of the flavours

So, open up the MenuLog app/website or head down to your local ShareTea Australian store, and see if you can try these flavours for yourself.

Partnering with Menulog and Sharetea Australia is a wonderful opportunity to bring Tamriel to life for fans across Australia in a delicious new way. Sharetea Australia’s bubble tea is a favourite refreshment of many Australians, and now we can make their next sip a little more magical with a custom selection of drinks inspired by the award-winning online RPG played by over 20 million people worldwide

Simon Alty – VP & Managing Director at Bethesda Softworks APAC

We at Sharetea Australia have an undying thirst for adventure and are always looking for new and innovative ways to make our delectable drinks more accessible to people from the land down under. This time round we decided to go down the winding path of something mysterious and magical by teaming up with Bethesda’s game, The Elder Scrolls, enabling gamers and bubble tea aficionados across Australia to explore a gulp of Tamriel inspired drinks in the comfort of their home by having our delivery partner Menulog serve up this magic IRL.

Eva Martin – National Marketing Manager at Sharetea Australia. 

We’re thrilled to be partnering with Bethesda and Sharetea Australia to create something out of this world for the millions of fans of Elder Scrolls and bubble tea enthusiasts alike. At Menulog we’re all about delivering joy and we believe these teas certainly do that! The limited edition flavours are taken right out of the ESO universe and we can’t wait for our customers to try them. Best enjoyed of course while playing the Elder Scrolls Online

Simon Cheng – Marketing Director at MenuLog
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