Anvil Legionnaire Latest Star Citizen Ship to Go On Concept Sale

Take hacking to the stars with Star Citizen’s latest concept ship – a ship which could go up against the Drake Herald in its price range. Going on first sale as part of the in-universe Invictus Launch Week festivities, the Aegis Legionnaire is pitched as a two-crew ship with support for hacking, docking and 8-person dropship gameplay. The ship comes in at 32m in length, 23.3m in width and 10.2m in height, making it a mid size craft. It features 3x S1 Shield Generators, 2x S2 Remote Turrets and Heavy Armour.

Promoted features of the ship include:


The Legionnaire’s integrated infiltration systems empower operators to stealthily disable security measures on target vessels, leaving them vulnerable to docking, boarding, and seizure.


The Legionnaire’s two-in-one docking collar connects to all UEE-standard apertures, allowing for the infiltration of vessels and facilities of all sizes.


Eight high-performance jump seats transport full boarding parties in a single run.


Built-in storage means weapons and breach charges are always close at hand and ready when needed.


A trio of shield generators and military-derived armor keep the Legionnaire protected from incoming fire.

If this ship sounds of interest to you, you can read more about it via the official Star Citizen website. Price-wise, players have two options. For those who are looking at using any portion of store credit, you will be able to nab the craft for $120.00 USD or local equivalent. However, those pledging all funds off their cards will enjoy a $20 USD discount.

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