Powerwash Simulator Receives Version 0.8 Update

Avoid doing the jobs you should be doing around the house, by doing the exact same jobs digitally. One of the games currently worked under the Square Enix Collective program is Powerwash Simulator for the PC via Steam Early Access. Published by Square Enix and developed by FuturLab, the game earlier today received its 0.8 Update, taking it one more step towards full release and bringing a new range of additions and changes with it.

In this latest update to Powerwash Simulator, players are tasked with washing away decades of dirt and grime from an abandoned subway station in the town, pitched as their “largest level yet”. Players are also invited to uncover the past and discover the future as they clean the caravan of a travelling Fortune Teller… who surely knows you’ll do an excellent job… or is just being kind enough to not

Tired of staying local? Players can take a trip to the desert and help Harper reveal the mysteries of an Ancient Statue, then assist a pilot with the eggy engine of their Stunt Plane. On top of all that, test yourself with the Vintage Car Water and Time Challenges, and get fancy with a brand-new washer skin and gloves.

We’re really excited to tease a little more of the lore in the latest update. We’ve loved seeing the community’s theories on where the story will go, and we hope this gives them a little more of an insight into what’s to come

Dan Chequer – Lead Designer

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