Red Bull Gaming Commence New Online Video Game Quiz Show – Red Bull Wrap Up

Continuing their foray into the video game streaming market, Red Bull has today launched the first episode of their new gaming trivia show – Red Bull Wrap Up. Hosted by Stephanie ‘Hex” Bendixsen, former host of ABC’s long-running Good Game television show, the show invites players to test their knowledge “against some of the biggest names in Australian gaming as they go head-to-head to determine who has the best (or hilariously worst) video game know-how”.

Each episode is approximately 30 minutes in length, and will see two teams battle it out for the bragging rights of being “Wrap Up Champions”.

Episode 1 features comedian, actor, and singer Jordan Raskopoulos, whose claims to fame include being one-third of the comedy musical trio Axis of Awesome, being a star jammer for the Sydney Roller Derby League and playing Warhammer 40,000 since the age of 12. Jordan was paired with professional esports commentator Geordie ‘Mac’ McAleer – THE Moustache of esports.

On the other team was former Channel V star and Chief of Banter Danny Clayton, who, along with his trademark larrikin charm and wealth of media experience, pitches as bringing a “newcomer perspective to gaming”. Danny joined forces with journalist, presenter and self-confessed “musical theatre tragic” Stephanie Panecasio, who works across tech, culture, science and games, frequently writing about how society responds to subcultures and internet phenomena.

Episode 1 can be streamed below, with the second episode scheduled to air on 16 February 2022. Additional episodes will stream throughout 2022.

I have adored games since I was a kid – they helped me find myself when I was a teen and  were a huge self-esteem booster for me. Naturally, I want to give back in whatever way I can by continuing to raise the profile of gaming here in Australia.

It’s a comedy quiz trivia show that focuses on games where none of the points matter because I control who gets them and why, and it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with having the right answers. It was chaos from the start, it got messier towards the end, and my face hurt from laughing. A highlight for me was the singing challenge where Jordan [Raskopoulos] did the Donkey Kong rap.

Stephanie ‘Hex” Bendixsen

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