FMV Newsroom Sim ‘Not for Broadcast’ Leaves Early Access on 25 January

Just shy of its second anniversary of being in Steam Early Access, with its development schedule ravaged by COVID-19, developer NotGames and publisher tinyBuild have confirmed Not For Broadcast will receive its v1.0 full release on 25 January 2022.

This update will see the third and final chapter of the dystopian full-FMV TV propaganda simulator released to fans, along with 17 hours of brand new TV content, 16 new adverts, multiple story actions depending on your decisions from the start, and a bunch of other gameplay and cosmetic additions.

Not for Broadcast is set in an alternate 1980s Britain where a radical government rises to rule with an iron fist and snarky rhetoric, and as television is a powerful brainwashing tool, your decisions will drive what people buy, influence the outcome of stories, and perhaps unlock a few random musical moments.

You can purchase Not for Broadcast on Steam by clicking HERE, and by clicking HERE.

Want to read more about Not For Broadcast? Check out my original Early Access first impressions by clicking HERE.


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