Banjo-Kazooie Beak Barge’s Onto Nintendo eShop

When Microsoft acquired developer Rare many years ago, and in turn the 3D platformer franchise Banjo-Kazooie, there was a heavy indication that neither the character nor games past and future would be available on Nintendo hardware ever again. In 2019 the dynamic between Nintendo and Microsoft seemed to shift just a little, with the duo becoming playable DLC fighters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – the last of the N64 monoliths to join the fight. And now, gamers can enjoy at least the original game on the latest Nintendo hardware.

While not available for individual purchase, subscribers of the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack service can now download Banjo-Kazooie onto the Nintendo Switch. The game has been available on the Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S for many years, including as part of the Rare Replay collection. However, those who have stuck with Nintendo hardware exclusively can finally experience (or re-experience) one of the experiences that the Nintendo 64 era had to offer.

Join the comedic duo of Banjo and Kazooie, as they fly, swim and fire eggs across a multitude of wild locales on their mission to rescue Banjo’s sister Tooty from the wicked witch Gruntilda in this action game.


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