2021 Starlight Celebration Goes Live in Final Fantasy XIV

Depending on the point of the storyline you are at, the battles may be reaching peak intensity, and there is no time for the Warrior of Light to celebrate something like Eorzea’s festive season so casually. But for everyone else, the annual Final Fantasy XIV Starlight Celebration has commenced in Eorzea.

This festival is now accessible to everyone who has reached Level 15 in-game, whether you are a newcomer on a trial account or have completed the main campaign of Endwalker, which has been building up for the last decade.

2021 Starlight Celebration Goes Live in Final Fantasy XIV 1

Players can commence this seasonal event by visiting Amh Garanjy at the Min-Khello’s Amphitheatre in Old Gridania. From there, a short questline will commence, leading to players getting access to two minions (Wind-Up Rudy and Squirrel Emperor) and the interior furnishing item ‘Starlight Mobile’ 

Developed by Square Enix, Final Fantasy XIV is a paid online game supported by a monthly subscription. You can now download it on the PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 – with a trial that offers you the full base game’s content, and all content of the first Heavensward expansion pack.

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