Arknights “Walk in the Dust” Update Introduces New Operators, Limited Time Event and More

YoStar have rolled out a new update for their strategic mobile game Arknights today, bringing with it a new limited time event putting you in the shoes of Kal’tsit – one of the leaders of Rhodes Island – along with 3 featured operators, 8 cash shop costumes and a new furniture set. The update can be accessed by loading the game on your smart device, or by downloading the game client via the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

More information on the inclusions in this update can be found below:

About A Walk in the Dust Limited Time Event

Arknights "Walk in the Dust" Update Introduces New Operators, Limited Time Event and More 1

“A Walk in the Dust” will be open for a limited time from September 30th to October 14th. The new side story will lead the player to walk through three different time periods and places, stepping closer into the trajectory of Kal’tsit’s life, understanding her missions and looking into her soft heart that is covered by a strong appearance.
By clearing event stages and Song of Dust missions, players can collect Scattered Sketches to exchange for various rewards such as the new operator Heavyrain, Critical Response Team Office (pieces), Headhunting Permit, Elite Materials and other items.

Introducing the Featured Operators

Arknights "Walk in the Dust" Update Introduces New Operators, Limited Time Event and More 2

Passenger, a 6-star chain caster, is also an important member of the black market of the Ibut area. He masters the talents that can apply a buff to himself and boost his attack. His skill designates a lightning storm to the target and deals damage to a random enemy within the lightning storm.

Arknights "Walk in the Dust" Update Introduces New Operators, Limited Time Event and More 3

Toddifons, a 5-star Sniper, has a wide attack range and prioritizes heavy enemies. Her talent boosts her ATK when she is attacking Sarkaz enemies. Her second skill will increase her attack, while also allows her to shoot explosive arrows and deal Physical damage to all nearby enemies.

Arknights "Walk in the Dust" Update Introduces New Operators, Limited Time Event and More 4

Heavyrain, a 5-star Defender, can block 3 enemies. Her talent grants physical dodge to herself and allies deployed on the high ground. Her skill heals operators and gives them ‘Camouflage’ to gain higher defense.

In-Game Costumes and Furniture Sets

The Bloodline of Combat Collection, “Octopath Illusion” for Hellagur and “Wind of Breaking Blade” Shirayuki has newly arrived.  Additionally, 6 popular outfits will be re-introduced to the event shop including, “Stronghold” for Saria, “Distinguished Visitor” for Angelina, “Refined Horrormare” for Lappland, “Titleless Code” for Executor, “Homecoming” for GreyThroat and “Seventh Night’s Awakened” for Midnight. A new furniture set, Critical Response Team Office, will be for sale in the store as well. Be sure to check it out!

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