90s Inspired Physics-Based Puzzle-Platformer ‘Time Loader’ to Release in November

Armed with an RC Car Robot and nostalgic 90s style music, new puzzles soon await you in Time Loader, a physics-based puzzle-platformer from the development team at Flazm. Publisher META Publishing has confirmed that the game will be available to download on the PC via Steam starting 3 November 2021.

Players will be invited back to the year 1995, a year before touch screens or any form of powerful PCs. Playing as a homemade RC car robot, your mission is to alter the past and save your creator from a terrible accident. Decisions you make in the past can drastically change the future – for better or for worse.

From flat screens to fat screens, you must adapt to your new retro surroundings. You will encounter up-to-date technology, except this is by the 90’s standards, not ours. Find old ways of upgrading your robotic self to traverse the obstacles in your way, from harpoons, to boosters, to screwdrivers!

You can add Time Loader to your Steam Wishlist now, and also download a free demo to get a taste of what to expect.

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