The Rising Rolls Onto Final Fantasy XIV For Limited Time

An annual event in Final Fantasy XIV to mark the game’s relaunch as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn back in August 2013, The Rising is once again upon us. One of the final seasonal events prior to Endwalker launching, all Warriors of Light are invited to visit Ul’dah to take part in the Rising Calm questline.

Those who complete the questline will walk away with a few neat trinkets – including the Red Moon Parasol and (for those who don’t mind another consumable – albeit a cute one clogging their inventory) Nymeia Potpourri. More lore-related information on each item can be found below:

The Rising Rolls Onto Final Fantasy XIV For Limited Time 1

Red Moon Parasol
This elegant parasol features an image of a flaming moon, which seems strangely familiar.

Nymeia Potpourri
Made from the alchemically treated petals of Nymeia lilies, this fragrant bundle of potpourri brings a sense of tranquility to even the most troubled souls.

Final Fantasy XIV‘s 2021 The Rising event is running from now until 9 September 2021. More information on the event can be found via its official website HERE.


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