Enter The End in Minecraft Dungeons’ Latest DLC – Echoing Void

Mojang Studios and the Xbox Games team are bringing more adventures to the Minecraft Dungeons universe from today, releasing the Echoing Void DLC for the game. Available on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC and Xbox One platforms (as well as the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 through backwards compatibility), this pack will bring about the conclusion of Minecraft Dungeons’ original story, by taking players to The End to face off against the Arch-llage. But fans need not worry, as this isn’t the scheduled end to their adventures in the game.

Echoing Void includes both paid and free content, such as new enemies to face like the Enderlings, legendary gear to collect, and three missions which are designed to use “everything from elytra gliding to shulker flying”. Just watch out so you don’t dive right into the void itself. This DLC also includes the free Gauntlet of Gales, a unique maze-like mission that puts player’s fighting and puzzle-solving skills to the test. Players can access this new adventure through the mission map once the update has been installed.  

Minecraft Dungeons: Echoing Void is available as a free update and/or paid downloadable content. Access to the paid content is also available through the Ultimate DLC Bundle (Containing all released DLC) or the Ultimate Edition (For newcomers, containing the complete game and all six DLC packs).

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