Invictus Launch Week to Commence in Star Citizen on 21 May 2021

In May, the UEEN Invictus Fleet tours Stanton, stopping at several locations around the system on its way to New Babbage, microTech. Save the date now and prepare to see the ships, test-fly the civilian equivalents, and enjoy the wealth of surprises this in-game event brings.

For those who have backed and actively support Cloud Imperium Games’ ambitious space simulation game Star Citizen, the annual Invictus Launch Week is one of the major events of the game’s annual calendar. It is this week where fans can look forward to new ship previews, the odd newly flyable ship or two, a free-flight week and a range of in-game events.

In an email circulated to backers this week, it was confirmed that the 2951 Invictus Launch Week will run from 21 May 2021 until 1 June 2021. One of the big previews for many will likely be the ability for players to tour an in-service Javelin destroyer – the UEES War Hammer. Only available as a preview last year, this is the first time players will be able to step on this large a craft in-game.

As always, players will be invited to preview and test-fly every ship for free, with most major ship brands having a presence at the New Babbage convention centre – alternating daily. They also say that Drake Interplanetary, known for dealing with seedier clients, will have a separate presence somewhere else through Defensecon entering its second year.

For the latest information on Invictus Launch Week, click HERE.

In development by Cloud Imperium Games and their studios across North America and Europe, Star Citizen is being helmed by Wing Commander (1990s) creator Chris Roberts. The game has currently been in a long-term alpha phase with no confirmed release date. Despite this, the studio has raised more than $350 million USD through on-going crowdfunding. Please keep in mind should you decide to purchase towards Star Citizen, that this is an incomplete project and that you are pledging towards an extended crowdfunding campaign with no 100% guarantee of a finished product.

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