Cats and Dogs Breach The Farm in First Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Down Expansion Pass Content

By now, early players of XSEED Games and Marvelous Europe’s farm simulation game Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town would have gotten to know (and perhaps, marry one of) the locals, developed their farm and may be looking for some more content. Post-launch content in this game comes in the form of an Expansion Pass, which can be purchased from the Nintendo eShop for £17.99 / €19.99 / $29.95 AUD or local equivalent. The expansion pass is expected to receive at least 5 content packs from April 2021 until August 2021, the first being released just on the cusp between April and May.

The first pack in the Expansion Pass adds Cat and Dog themed costumes for both the player character and marriage candidates. Lots of cute kitty’s and puppy’s may be wandering around Olive Town very soon!

The pack also introduces a sub-scenario titled ‘Olive Town Mystery Files‘. The pack will see the player must team-up with Mikey and Cindy to uncover the truth behind strange incidents happening in Olive Town.

Naturally being a detective requires the right outfit and this ‘Olive Town Mystery Files’ sub-scenario will also grant players access to a brand new costume known as the “Mystery Costume”.

Curious at what awaits Expansion Pass holders in the future? You can read the full roadmap by scrolling down:

Part 1 – April 2021

‘Animal Attire’ costumes for the protagonists and marriage candidates.

‘Olive Town Mystery Files’ sub-scenario – Join Mikey and Cindy to discover the cause of strange incidents occurring across Olive Town in the very first mystery scenario in the STORY OF SEASONS series!

Part 2 – May 2021

‘Windswept Falls Expansion Pack’ – Explore a refreshing, brand-new area home to four characters from a past entry on the Nintendo 3DS system (includes two marriage candidates).

Part 3 – June 2021

School Uniforms’ costume set for the protagonists and marriage candidates.

‘Terracotta Oasis Expansion Pack’ – Discover an exotic oasis home to four characters from STORY OF SEASONS for Nintendo 3DS (includes two marriage candidates).

Part 4 – July 2021

‘Yukata Set’ costumes for the protagonists and marriage candidates.

‘The Legendary Sprite Dance’ sub-scenario – The Earth Sprite Village is livelier than ever, and the sprites are determined to revive their legendary dance and hold a feast…with or without Boss Sprite’s permission!

Part 5 – August 2021

‘Twilight Isle Expansion Pack’ – Sail to an island bathed in twilight and meet the four characters from STORY OF SEASONS: Trio of Towns that have made it their new home (includes two marriage candidates).

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