Bandai Namco to Release Modern-Day Tamagotchi Devices

Bandai America together with Bandai Namco Entertainment ANZ has today announced they will be bringing a new range of Tamagotchi physical units to market in the near future. Dubbed the Tamagotchi Pix, this device will be the first in the series to feature a built-in camera, allowing owners to take pictures with their virtual pet and “interact with [their] character in a whole new way”.

In a summary of the unit shared by Bandai America:

This new device takes the core of Tamagotchi play (nurturing and caring for your Tamagotchi character) and further immerses users into the Tamagotchi universe with exciting NEW features! It’s not just about feeding your virtual pet anymore, you can now cook for your Tamagotchi character, have food delivered, explore the real world to meet Tamagotchi friends and add pictures of the adventures with a built-in social feed. How you raise your Tamagotchi character will affect gameplay in a whole new way with new personal rooms and gameplay that dictate your Tamagotchi character’s future profession when they go back to Tamagotchi Planet.

Fortunately for those who may be a worried about giving their young child (the core target demographic being 6-12 years old) any device with a camera attached to it, no connection is required for the unit. While this may mean they are unable to go online and “complete missions to download new items & gifts”, the core functionality is still in-tact.

Promoted features of the Tamagotchi Pix include:

  • Built-in camera that allows you to take pictures with your Tamagotchi character
  • Nurture your Tamagotchi character in a new way by painting, cooking, and exploring using the camera to bring your world into Tamagotchi
  • Touch buttons allow you to interact with your Tamagotchi in a much more intricate and engaging way
  • Explore the real world to meet 100 Tamagotchi friends
  • New play possibilities, including:
    • How you raise your virtual pet will decide their unique future profession for when they return to Tamagotchi Planet
    • Tamagotchi play is reflected in new personal rooms that help curate your Tamagotchi’s future career
    • Influencing your next egg based on your choices
  • Earn Gotchi points or keep your character happy with a variety of games
  • Connect with your friend’s device through a Tama Code to play together now or later and give gifts
  • Go online and complete missions to download new items & gifts starting in August
  • A new built-in social world to showcase your Tamagotchi adventures
  • Choose from 6 languages for gameplay: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese
  • Available in four unique shells:
    • Floral (Pink) – pre-sale available now
    • Sky (Purple) – pre-sale available now
    • Ocean (Blue) – Coming Soon
    • Nature (Green) – Coming Soon

Pre-sales for the Floral Pink and Sky Purple Tamagotchi Pix units have commenced at select retailers, with Ocean Blue and Nature Green to follow in the future.