2D Shooter ‘Gravity Heroes’ Launches on Last Gen Consoles

Joining the growing amount of games which merge retro-style graphics with more modern-day gaming concepts, 2D shooter Gravity Heroes from developer Studica Solution and publisher PQube is now available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Setting out to be a game that is “fast-paced” and “chaotically beautiful”, Gravity Heroes see’s players take control of their character’s gravitational pull – as they fight hordes of robotic enemies crawling along the ground, walls and/or ceiling.

Your ultimate weapon is the ‘Gravity Shifter’, allowing you to manipulate gravity; use your unique abilities to cut down enemies, collect power-ups, new weapons and switch up tactics to change the tide of battle. Dodge enemy projectiles as you whip around rich environmental stages, or meet them head-on in rapid bullet-hell-like combat using platforms to navigate each level by shifting your gravity.

Gravity Heroes features a single-player story campaign, pitting you against the forces of the synthetic uprising. Alternatively, you can enter the fray through couch-based local multiplayer with three friends in either collaborative ‘Survivor Mode’ or a competitive ‘Versus Mode’.

Promoted features of Gravity Heroes include:

Control your gravitational pull
Use the ‘Gravity Shifter’ as you change the direction of your gravitational pull to walk and slide on ceilings or walls!

Discover the meaning behind a robotic uprising
Take your place as a member of the ‘Gravity Heroes’ as you investigate the mysterious reason behind a broken peace treaty between humans and robotic-beings called synthetics in Story mode. Play solo or team up with up to three friends as you take on synthetic hordes and colossal bosses.

An expansive arsenal
Experiment with everything from heat-seeking missiles to bouncing projectiles. A diverse method of attack is needed for an equally diverse robotic threat! 

Go head-to-head with friends in versus mode
Grab your friends, pick your characters, customize the rules of your match and go head-to-head in this chaotic couch multiplayer game mode. 

Team up with friends in Survivor mode

Choose up to three of your friends and see how long you can withstand the hordes of corrupted synthetics in Survivor mode! 

An electrifying soundtrack
Gravity Heroes is set to an amazing 90’s inspired soundtrack, with music composed by Barry Leitch, the creator Top Gear’s main theme song.

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