Show Off Your Namazu Spirit With Latest Final Fantasy XIV Emote

In the latest update to the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store by Square Enix this week, players can now show off their Namazu Spirit and purchase the Wasshoi Emote. This will see your character wave a pair of fans in the air, perfect for a festival or perhaps cheering on a precession of other players riding past on their Mikoshi mount.

The Wasshoi emote is not available through in-game actions, and will require a separate purchase via the game’s cash shop. The item, titled Ballroom Etiquette – The Metaphysics of Merrymaking, is priced at $7.00 USD for use on a single character. This is, of course, not a mandatory purchase to enjoy any content in the game, and in fact the aforementioned (very impressive) mount can be acquired through completing a Beast Tribe questline.

Show your excitement with an enthusiastic wasshoi!

Even if you aren’t carrying a festival palanquin, with these festive fans in hand, there’s nothing to stop you from showing your celebratory spirit!


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