Language Tag Support Added to Xbox’s Microsoft Store

When you are browsing through the Xbox Marketplace in your country, you should be pretty safe in making the assumption that any game you purchase will support the dominant language in your country. For example, here in Australia almost every game I would expect to buy comes with localised English subtitles at the very least. But, as we live in an ever-growing multicultural society, some may prefer to play games in a different language. Sometimes developers are clear about their titles language options, while for others it can be a leap of faith.

Microsoft has today confirmed that supported language tags have been added to hundreds of games across the Microsoft Store / Xbox Marketplace. Gamers can easily determine whether a game contains any in-game language support through these labels, before even opening the product page. These tags currently focus on 27 languages, and focus on three of the most common types of localisation – interface, in-game audio and subtitles.

Language Tag Support Added to Xbox's Microsoft Store 1

The addition of language tags to the Microsoft Store on Xbox and in the Xbox Game Pass app on consoles is an important step toward our goal of making you and your friends feel at home when you play on Xbox. This update will make that easier, and help bring the joys of gaming to more people.

Briana Roberts – Microsoft Senior Program Manager
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