Star Citizen Alpha 3.12.1 to Temporarily Remove Delamar/Levski From Universe

One of the first planetside landing zones outside a city implemented into the ambitious space-simulation game Star Citizen was Levski, situated on Delamar. This was always meant to be a temporary inclusion, as lore-wise it was due to be in a different undeveloped star system. However, with it being a unique area compared to anywhere else in the game, I expected it to stick around until at least a Beta launch, even if it was somewhat buggier and much less visited than other locales.

Developer Cloud Imperium Games has confirmed that both Delamar and Levski will be removed from the game in the upcoming Alpha 3.12.1 build of Star Citizen. The reason given is that this would free up memory and entities for future additions to the Star Citizen universe until server meshing is implemented. Unfortunately, there is no confirmation on when server meshing will be available.

It leaves the question that if the smallest landing zone in the game had to be removed to make room for new content, will backers lose access to anything else over the coming months?

If you are a backer, be sure to fly over to Delamar one last time and take a few screenshots before it vanishes into the nether for potentially years.

A Q&A about the changes has been shared by CIG, which can be read by clicking HERE or scrolling down.

What will happen to items currently only available at Levski?
While we won’t be moving full shops like Teach’s Ship Shop, we’ll make sure that their inventory will find its way into other outlets so that you won’t miss out on any items currently only available at Levski exclusive shops.

What about missions that involve interactions on Delamar?
The team has gone through all missions that require a player to visit Delamar and amended those missions.

What about NPCs like Recco Battaglia that are residing on Delamar?
NPCs that made Delamar/Levski their homestead will be moving with the Asteroid into the Nyx system, which means we’ll see them again when the Nyx system comes online. o7

My Spawn Point is at Levski, what will happen when I respawn after the removal?
You will respawn at the default spawn location, which currently is Lorville.

When will this removal happen?
We’ve tested the removal on our internal builds and will roll out this change to the PTU soon. Our goal is to have this switch on the live servers with Alpha 3.12.1., pending the results of the PTU testing.

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