Ishgardian Restoration’s Skybuilder Rankings Come to an End

While some servers have finished their development of the new housing district of ‘The Firmament’ and others are nearing completion, Square Enix has officially ended what is likely to be the final ‘Skybuilder Rankings’ for the area. Over recent days, thousands of players have abandoned their weapons in lieu of crafting and gathering gear, providing the resources to build these areas in return for the chance to be immortalised through a set of special titles, and rewarded with a chance of rare goodies.

Were you competitively trying to become the top player of a specialisation on your server? Visit the official Final Fantasy XIV website to see if you were crafty enough to make the top tier. To determine the state of your servers rebuilding efforts, you can click HERE – with four servers (JP – Tonberry, Ifrit, Hades and Mandragora) having completed all efforts.

According to Square Enix, top ranking players will receive the following based on the number of skyward points they acquired over the period:

1st – 12th Place – Season Three Writ of Canonization / Season Three Writ of Beatification

13th – 100th Place – Season Three Writ of Beatification

The Season Three Writ of Canonization offers the player title “Saint of the Firmament” while the Season Three Writ of Beautification will offer the title “Beatus of the Firmament”. Outside of the Skybuilder Rankings, these titles are not expected to be made available again.

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