Final Fantasy XIV’s 2020 Starlight Celebration Brings Snowman Mount to All Good Warriors of Light

Do you want to (become) a snowman?

Have you ever thought the one thing missing from Final Fantasy XIV was the ability was for your character to be able to hide themselves away in the shell of a snowman and travel across Eorzea discreetly during winter? No? Okay, so apparently it is just me then. With a cool winter chill sweeping itself across Eorzea, Square Enix has commenced the annual Starlight Celebration festivities – running from now until 31 December 2020.

About Starlight Celebration: Smiles Forestalled? A Starlight Setback

The chill of winter returns to Eorzea once more, heralding the arrival of the Starlight Celebration. Preparations for this year’s festivities are well underway, or at least, they should be. A young man of abundant wealth and self-assurance – and considerably less abundant Starlight spirit – has been tasked with overseeing the event, and his plans for the season appear to be anything but promising. Amh Garanjy is seeking help from anyone and everyone in the hopes of pulling off a Starlight miracle.

For completing a quest line which will take you a good 10-15 minutes if you speed through it, you will receive a snowman mount for free – which is easily one of my favourite mounts to date. This is likely the only time you will be able to acquire it prior to it becoming a paid cash shop item around this time next year. Also on offer are a range of new outdoor and indoor player housing furnishings, including the Show-dusted tree, Unmelting Ice Partition and Unmelting Ice Loft.

As always, you can begin this year’s Starlight Celebration event in Old Gridania by speaking with Amh Garanjy. The quest, ‘A Festive Fiasco’, only requires that players are Level 15. As the main questline has no combat element to it, you do not require any specific gear for it either.

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