6-Month Anniversary of SINoALICE Global Marked by Special Events

Six months ago, the mobile fantasy battle RPG SINoALICE launched on iOS and Android devices. This was a fairly interesting game at the time, co-developed by Square Enix and Pokelabo, and with a narrative from the mind of NiER franchise director Yoko Taro. To mark the six month anniversary, a series of events and a new character class are being rolled out onto the game. An overview of all new events and content can be found below:

6-Month Anniversary of SINoALICE Global Marked by Special Events 1

As of now until 5 January 2021, a free daily x11 grimoire will be available as part of SINoALICE Global’s anniversary celebrations. Each time players summon from this grimoire, they’ll have a chance to enter a drawing for fantastic, real prizes.

Summon from the Free Grimoire x11 daily and tap Submit Entry to be entered into the drawing. Each day you summon, another entry will be submitted. Prizes include Bluetooth headphones and cutting-edge tablets. Results of the drawing will be announced at the end of the giveaway period.

6-Month Anniversary of SINoALICE Global Marked by Special Events 2

A new class will debut for both the JP and Global server. This new class, called “International,” begins with Alice/International (VA: M・A・O) and Princess Kaguya/International (VA: Shizuka Ito).

These two characters will be featured in the STEP grimoire World Trajectory, where players are guaranteed one SR summon when they reach step 5. Each class is accompanied by a new character story expanding the lore of SINoALICE.

They will both be available as part of the STEP Grimoire World Trajectory from 31 December 2020 until 15 January 2021.

6-Month Anniversary of SINoALICE Global Marked by Special Events 3

In celebration of the 6-month anniversary, returning players will benefit from double the login bonus rewards during the special Comeback Promotion.Players who qualify for this special promotion are those who haven’t logged into the game for 30 days or more.

Login bonus:

Day 1: Twilight Crystal x100
Day 2: Purification Ticket x2
Day 3: Dragon Shackle x2
Day 4: Purification Ticket x2
Day 5: Twilight Crystal x200

6-Month Anniversary of SINoALICE Global Marked by Special Events 4

Earn up to 780 twilight crystals from the login bonus and by completing special missions. Plus, enjoy a Purification Sweep campaign where players can earn up to 220 twilight crystals based off the total amount of nightmares purified in the Library. 

I would like to mention that while SINoALICE is free to download, it is a “Gacha Game”. Therefore, if you are known to have issues with gambling or spending well over your limit on a whim, then I would strongly advise you to bypass this game and look for a console or PC game which has a flat-fee single-player and/or online mode. In particular, ones which require no “surprise mechanics”, “chance-based downloadable content”, or other industry terms for gacha in them.


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