2D Action Adventure Game Legends of Ethernal is Now Available on Multiple Platforms

French-Canadian indie developer Lucid Dreams Studio and publisher Natsume Inc. has today rolled out their newest game – Legends of Ethernal – onto the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and MacOS via each platform’s respective digital distribution storefront. Priced at $19.99 USD, this is the first video game to be released under the Natsume Indie Program which provides smaller studios with publishing support.

Legends of Ethernal is an all-ages (Rated Everyone 10+) friendly action adventure game set in a 2D world utilising hand-drawn art. You take control of Wilfred, whose lazy summer day is thrown into turmoil when he returns home to find his house ransacked, and his parents gone. Who or what has taken them? And to where? Wilfred puts his fears aside and sets off on an adventure to find them, an adventure that will span the entire world of Arkanys.

Players are tasked with uncovering the truth about the disappearance of Wilfred’s parents, and will do so by exploring environments, solving puzzles and fighting against many creatures. Using the crafting power of ether, new powers and weapons will be unlocked to you, allowing you to explore more and more of the world of Arkanys.

Scroll down to read promoted features of Legends of Ethernal and see some preview screenshots.

Promoted Features of Legends of Ethernal

  • Enjoy mechanics that unlock with weapons and items that you find.
  • Solve puzzles and unleash your fighting tactics against boss battles in multiple dungeons.
  • Gather ethers and use items during the course of your journey to help you progress through the game.
  • Admire beautiful 2D hand-drawn art covering multiple environments, scaling up to a resolution of 4K on supported platforms.
  • Experience a compelling and linear storyline with great characters.
  • Listen to the wonderfully crafted score; produced and recorded by veteran musician William Gough.
  • Try Hardcore Mode for an intense experience, or enable Relaxed Mode to help you or your little one complete the game.

Preview Screenshots


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