New Limited Hero ‘Holiday Yufine’ Pullable Through Epic Seven’s Gacha System

Before commencing this article, I would like to highlight that it does focus on gacha mechanics in a smart device game, an entirely luck based system. Therefore, if you have gambling issues or are susceptible to spending well over your limit on a whim, I would strongly recommend you skip this article and look at console games which have a flat-price single-player and/or online mode. In particular, ones which require no “surprise mechanics”, “chance-based downloadable content”, or other industry terms for gacha in them.

Following a small but growing number of “Summer” themed gacha characters being released on their smart-device game Epic Seven, developer Super Creative and publisher Smilegate Megaport has confirmed that for a limited time, the new Holiday Yufine unit is unlockable in-game. This is done through the game’s summon mechanic, which trades in tokens (obtainable via paid or earned currency) for the chance at unlocking her and her respective artifact.

Holiday Yufine is a Fire Warrior unit, with many of her attacks being themed around a summer festival – and the bounty of delicious food from its vendors. Her abilities are more aligned towards DPS, are heavily AOE driven, and give her the ability to remove debuffs from allies and grant herself increased Attack. It may take a while for the unit to find a stable spot on community tier lists, you can learn more about her, her design and combat proficiency through the Hero Preview video below.

In addition to the new unit announcement, a collaboration event with Amazon Prime has commenced. From now until 14 January 2021, players can collect rewards by linking their Amazon Prime account with their Epic Seven account.  The rewards change every two weeks and include items such as a 4-5 Star Hero Summon Ticket, level 85 Epic Equipment sets, and more.

Despite the new content being rolled out, including a summer questline, Business Department Manager of Smile Megaport, Sanghoon Lee has noted that this year’s summon season appears less lively than usual:

This year’s summer season seems to be less lively than usual due to the issue we are facing globally. We will prepare more content for our Epic Seven fans to enjoy so that everyone can experience a refreshing summer vacation within the game. We hope to see players enjoy the event with Amazon Prime as well as even more upcoming events.

Sanghoon Lee – Business Department Manager of Smilegate Megaport

Want to know more about Epic Seven in a few paragraphs? I recommend reading my Mini-Review of the game.


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