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Fate/Grand Order Receives North American Release


Fate/Grand Order Receives North American Release 1

North American anime publisher Aniplex of America recently announced their plans to localise and publish the smartphone game Fate/Grand Order, which has previously only been available to play in select Asian markets such as Japan. While it seem to be limited to just North America at this time, the company have officially released the game on both iOS and Android platforms, and can now be downloaded via their respective digital download stores.

First released in July 2015, Fate/Grand Order will see players take on the role of a Master, who is able to summon Heroic Spirits based on historical figures including King Arthur, William Shakespeare, Hercules and Joan of Arc. This instalment will see players travel back through history on a quest known as “Grand Order”.

The launch of Fate/Grand Order follows a social media campaign which allowed fans of the series to unlock content for the game. In-game prizes included the Craft Essence “Beginning of the Journey,” 6,000 Friend Points, ten 4-star Blaze of Wisdom, five each of the 3-star Hero Crystals Sun Fou and Star Fou, a whopping 42 Saint Quartz, and one 4-star Servant from a choice of ten. Additionally, players unlocked the Saber Class Servant known as Saber Lily.

Atsuhiro Iwakami | Producer of Fate/Grand Order

We are overwhelmed and honored by the excitement of our fans. They were able to unlock many in-game prizes via the Facebook contest, and we are thrilled to be finally launching the game in North America.

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