PQube to Release Akiba’s Beat in PAL Regions

Continuing to bring more niche Japanese video games and visual novels to PAL regions, PQube have recently announced they will be publishing Acquire’s action RPG. Akiba’s Beat, on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in their supported countries. This announcement comes several months after XSEED Games confirmed they would be bringing the game to North American audiences.

Akiba’s Beat takes place in a recreation of Akihabara, where players will control a party of characters led by protagonist Asahi Tachibana, as they work to rid the town of anything which is out-of-sync with reality. Gameplay will come as players work to question the residents of Akihabara about the mysteries which unfold, and subsequently explore fantasy-themed, enemy-ridden dungeons known as “Delusionscapes”. As its title may already imply, this is a sort of successor to Acquire’s earlier title Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed.

Like XSEED Games, PQube are looking at a Q1 2017 launch window to release Akiba’s Beat. Expect to hear more about the game and its launch in the coming months.



Akiba’s Beat – Blurb

Set in a hyper-stylised recreation of Akihabara, AKIBA’S BEAT plunges you into the heart of the mecca of Otaku culture, but all is not as it seems!

A haven for music fans, the go-to place for idol obsessives, a one stop shop for household electronics – over the years, Akihabara has meant many things to many people. Now, with dark forces at play, the memories, hopes and dreams of Akihabara’s colourful denizens are becoming a reality. Their delusions are taking physical form and with that, threatening the very fabric of time and reality!

Stuck in a never-ending time loop, it is up to you take on the freakish manifestations of Akihabara in an action RPG like no other! Battle to the Beat, timing your actions to the background music to deal the most damage.

Meet Electric Town’s colourful characters and form your best team to take on their collective imaginations.