New Edition of Game Character Hub Released on Steam: ‘Portfolio Edition’

Are you looking to create your own assets for your next RPG Maker project but don’t have the artistic skill to do so? While there are a wealth of assets available from the community which you can acquire for either a fee (through asset packs or commissions) or via credit – another option has been Game Character Hub on Steam. This software tool contains a wealth of assets, giving users a chance to create their own interesting character sprites and/or headshots. While character creation functionality has been built into the more recent RPG Maker releases – this is in general mean’t to offer more versatility.

While some purchasers of the original Game Character Hub may be disappointed to hear that this isn’t available as a free update, Degica have confirmed that a new “Portfolio Edition” of the software is now available for purchase. This tool supposedly “picks up where its predecessor left off”, and “features multiple improvements, enhancements, and brand new features”.

At its core, Game Character Hub: Portfolio Edition allows you to create custom characters by choosing generator parts provided with purchase. While there are a lot of different parts included with purchase, you can also use your own custom templates and parts. There are also a range of other built in features, such as tileset merging (According to Steam reviews, for RPG Maker XP only), the ability to convert character assets for different RPG Maker engines, and more.

The full price of Game Character Hub: Portfolio Edition on Steam is $24.99 USD. However, for its launch week, you can nab it for $19.99 USD (A 20% discount. You can find out more information about the software, and/or purchase it HERE.

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