As Beta Testing Starts, Online Play Trailer Released for Grand Kingdom

Grand Kingdom is set to be a fairly significant title for Nippon Ichi Software America. While some of their published games do have online components to them, outside of their major games like Disgaea 4 and Disgaea 5, these systems have generally been limited to smaller things like leaderboards. The upcoming tactical-RPG, developed by Monochrome and Spike Chunsoft, will feature an actual online multiplayer mode where players can battle against other players.

With beta testing having begun for Grand Kingdom, NIS America have opted to share the above trailer, which details some elements of the Online War that testers can get involved in right now.

The Online War offers the chance for players to get involved in different wars across the world of Resonail, and make decisions to impact the outcome of each war. During each war, you’ll be able to support your chosen nation in a multitude of ways. Some promoted means include:

  • Go to battle and decimate the enemy’s strongholds to wrest control of objectives from other nations, or defend your own forts during each war operation.
  • Vote for everything from what battlefronts to engage in, to ratifying treaties which set the rules of battle.
  • Research equipment and armaments for your nation’s blacksmiths.
  • Determine Royal Orders during war operations to sway the tide of battle with everything from your nation’s Guardian Beast, to increasing the frequency of armament support.
  • Send out your extra squads to fight on their own to support the war effort according to your directions!.

Grand Kingdom will be available on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in PAL regions beginning June 17th. A North American edition will follow a few days later on June 21st.

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