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Nippon Ichi Software Share First Trailer for Criminal Girls 2


Several years after release the first Criminal Girls game on the PlayStation Portable (which was later ported over to the PlayStation Vita in both Japanese and English), Nippon Ichi Software are currently in the middle of developing a sequel – suitably titled Criminal Girls 2.

With the story of the first game more or less wrapped up, this second instalment features a whole new set of “delinquents” who you must guide from the depths of hell. The first trailer shared for the game, available above, seeks to highlight the game’s new heroines.

Also introduced are some of the new… motivational sessions… that you can undertake. These will once again take advantage of the PlayStation Vita’s touch screen capabilities. Of particular note in this video are the new sessions which involve two characters at once. It should go without saying that this trailer is NSFW.

Nippon Ichi Software are set to release Criminal Girls 2 in Japan starting November 26 on the PlayStation Vita. No international release plans have been announced as of this post.

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