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Kickstarter for “Beat the Kanji” Seeks to Teach Kanji Through Rhythm


[utube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58-ucABmaWk”]

Learning Kanji can be a tremendous hurdle for anyone learning the Japanese language, and game developer Scott Holman seeks to make things a little bit easier with his planned rhythm game Beat the Kanji; which has recently had a crowdfunding campaign started for it on Kickstarter. Planned for release on iOS devices, Beat the Kanji seeks to combine the fun of gaming and listening to music with learning kanji, through listening to song lyrics and tapping on screen targets in time to music.

For more information about the game, the justification for it and a prototype video; check out the official Beat the Kanji Kickstarter campaign page. The current goal is to amass $15,000 in pledges, with a total of $481 raised at this point in time. Pledging will provide backers with a number of goodies ranging from a varying number of in-game song packs, an all-access pass which includes every song pack ever created for the app and more.

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