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“Spira’s Summoner” Costume to Be Amazon Pre-Order DLC for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII



With Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII set to feature only a single playable character, Square Enix seems to have gone out of their way to make solo-play less painful and sameish. One of these ways is to include a number of different costumes, weapons and attire for players to equip on Lightning, with visual and gameplay impacts for each. One of these is “Spira’s Summoner”, a set which allows Lightning to adopt the victory pose, outfit and weapon of Final Fantasy X female protagonist Yuna.

For those hoping it would be either a standard pre-order bonus or free within the game, you may be left disappointed. Square Enix have this evening confirmed that it will be available as an exclusive pre-order bonus for Amazon, and then shall be available to purchase by other customers later this year through PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace stores – possibly when you have already completed the game and moved onto other titles.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be available to purchase on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox360 from the 11th February 2014.

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