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Tera Online Launches Latest Game Update, Share Patch Notes (23.04.01)



En Masse Entertainment have just launched the latest game update to coincide with the Halloween costumes released and now available through the in-game Valkyon Outfitters service. But costumes are not the only new inclusions in the game, with a Halloween event, a new achievement system and strongboxes that adjust to your level among other features.

The full patch notes for the game are available below for your convenience:

Halloween Event: October 17–November 5

  • Dungeon Instances
    • Added Banquet of Blood, which contains daily quests for levels 58–60, to the Festival of the Sun.
    • Harvest Festival Hall reopens this year allowing five entries per day for levels 10 and up.
  • Halloween Candy
    • You can get Halloween candy by completing Titiana’s Halloween quests and from performing well in the Harvest Festival Hall. Redeem it with Ellonia, the Halloween guide, for a Boneshaker mount, our new Boo pet, and more.
      • If you have completed the Halloween guide quest from last year, you will not be able to get it again.
    • Candy can only be redeemed during the event while Ellonia is around.
  • Halloween Achievements
    • Added 2013 Halloween achievements.
      • Cannon Control: Get 5,000 points in the Harvest Festival Hall.
        • Reward: Loose Cannon title, Halloween Treat Basket x5, Halloween Trick Box x5, Emerald x1
      • Seasonal Squash: Kill Gourdo 10 times in the Harvest Festival Hall.
        • Reward: Pumpkin Smasher title
    • 2012 Halloween achievements are no longer achievable.

Achievement System

  • Added 182 new achievements.
  • New achievement rewards include pets, mounts, and stat boost effects.
  • Some achievements have changed categories.
  • Total achievement points have been recalculated.
  • You can achieve 100 percent completion without completing the “Special” category.
  • Added drop-down filters for achievements: achieved, not achieved, title, and reward type.
  • Changed view detail button to +/- to make it easier to see.
  • Achievement reward icon now displays the type of reward.
  • Added progress bars to each category tab in the left column of Achievement UI.
  • New monsters and objects have been added around the world for the new achievements.
    • Nine walls of wordcraft, boards you can leave messages on, for climbing achievements
    • Six puzzling monuments
    • Nine named monsters for rare-monster-hunting achievements

Class Changes

  • Attack speed now affects skill-charging speed. Nine class skills are affected by this change.
    • Berseker: Cyclone, Thunder Strike, Vampiric Blow, Lethal Strike
    • Archer: Radiant Arrow, Penetrating Arrow
    • Priest: Mana Charge
    • Sorcerer: Arcane Pulse, Mana Siphon

Strongboxes Refinements

  • Locked strongboxes and pocket popo strongboxes no longer drop in the world.
    • You can still open existing strongboxes, and they work as normal.
    • These boxes still contain jackpots specified during jackpot weekends.
    • You can still win Rainbow, the unicorn mount, from the locked strongbox.
  • Six new strongboxes have been added and drop according to the level ranges of the monsters. They yield items appropriate for their level ranges.
    • Locked krysteel strongboxes (for levels 1–22)
    • Locked linsteel strongboxes (for levels 23–34)
    • Locked norsteel strongboxes (for levels 35–47)
      • These strongboxes can produce:
        • XP boosts
        • Gold hunter boosts
        • Emerald/sapphire/ruby
        • Goddess’ blessing
        • Canephora potion
        • Battle panacea
        • Divine infusion
        • Rejuvenation potion
        • Crystals appropriate for level range
    • Locked shadsteel strongboxes (levels 48–57) contain the items above, but also can produce:
      • Extensive alkahest
      • Spellbinds
      • Master enigmatic scrolls
      • Crystalbind and complete crystalbind
    • Monsters level 58–60 may drop a locked extensive strongbox or a locked spellbound strongbox.
      • Both strongboxes can produce:
        • Master enigmatic scroll
        • Semi-enigmatic scroll
        • Crystalbind and complete crystalbind
        • Canephora potion
        • Battle panacea
        • Divine infusion
        • Rejuvenation potion
        • Level 58–60 crystals
      • Locked extensive strongbox can also produce varying amounts of extensive alkahest, with a permanent jackpot possibility of 200 extensive alkahests.
      • Locked spellbound strongbox can also produce varying amounts of spellbinds, with a permanent jackpot possibility of 500 spellbinds.
    • Rainbow mount and pocket popos are not in any of the new strongboxes.


  • Applied UI optimizations.
  • Removed Connection Rate column in Guilds on Server list.
  • Refined trade broker item preview to automatically dismount characters that are mounted.
  • Maps now display the recommended levels for each area.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Players can now mount on the pegasus platform and automatically dismount when taking a pegasus flight.
  • Champions’ Skyring (Solo)
    • If someone drops, the system will now automatically replace the missing member.
  • Elite gift box now has a chance to yield one of four 2013 1-day Halloween accessories.
    • Alien Mask
    • Franken Mask
    • Knife Hat
    • Bat Wings
  • Broadcasts for successfully enchanting to T14 +12 return.

[Source: Official Website]

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