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Agarest Senki Marriage – Screenshots and Artwork… and it sure is Fanservicey and Suggestive


Agarest Senki Marriage - Screenshots and Artwork... and it sure is Fanservicey and Suggestive 1Following on from such titles as Mugen Souls and Touch Shot! Love Application, it turns out that yet another (slightly fanservice inspired) release is coming from the hands of Compile Heart – this time based on the Agarest series entitled “Agarest Senki Marriage”. The agarest games have always been about a male protagonist and a cast of predominantly other females as they travel an RPG world for some purpose, often jumping forwards a generation with the next protagonist being the previous ones off-spring.

The game, due for release on the Playstation Portable this July makes a jump from the usual home consoles and instead takes on the Playstation Portable (Yep, despite the Vita being released the PSP seems to be the more predominant console). These screenshots showcase character artwork for the games main characters: Rain, Farushia, Kaoruhana and Paninya. The screenshots on the other hand predominantly focus on the CG artwork with a few other additions.

As for the games screenshots…. take a look at them beow.

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