White Knight Chronicles 2

5 More Video Game Franchises Which Need to Be Revived or Re-Released

While there are companies such as Nintendo that revere their major intellectual properties, and third-party developers who may focus on one or two of their franchises, there are so many promising series that have been one-hit-wonders or otherwise lost...

Sam’s Rewatch/Replay of February 2013

For those who may have missed my post last month, the "Sam's Rewatch/Replay of the Month" series is in response to a problem I have and I assume at least some others out there have. As we see new...

White Knight Chronicles 2 – Review

Title: White Knight Chronicles 2 Alternate Title: White Knight Chronicles: Light and Darkness' Awakening Published By: SCEJ (Japan). SCEE (PAL Regions) and D3 Publisher (US) Based on: The second game in the White Knight Chronicles series. Console: Playstation 3 Genre: Role-playing Game Rating: This...
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